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Bringing Life Back into your Wood....

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All the wooden furniture in your home can be restored to its original beauty. We have 30 years' experience in removing dents, scratches, water and heat marks from our clients' furniture throughout Hertfordshire and North London. No matter how intricate your antique furniture we are happy to restore it to its original beauty with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Whether you need your tables, chairs, sideboards, doors, staircases, panelling or pianos restored we will help. They don't make furniture like they used to, so let us maintain them for you so you can keep hold of something precious and beautiful.



Furniture restoration throughout Hertfordshire

Don't let the good things go to waste

We are genuinely passionate about keeping your antique furniture in top condition for the future and making it look at its best today.   We don't just deal with antiques though, if  you have a piece of  wooden furniture that's damaged or looking tired, contact us today to get your furniture restoration underway.

• It prolongs the life of your most treasured pieces

• Your antique furniture will maintain its value

• French Polishing brings back the beauty of your wood.

• Removes scratches, dents, water and heat marks

Do you have beautiful furniture that is damaged or tired looking? Call: 01707 651 454

Why our furniture restoration is ideal for your antique furniture:

Restored old wooden bed
Restored old wooden furniture